PADnet Rental Program

​ $0 Down

$525/month (+tax)

No payments for the first 3 months

​Leverage the latest technology available without having to pay the
up-front cost to purchase the newest PADnet from Biomedix.
We now offer a rental program that eliminates the need for significant cash outlays, instead
offering a recurring and consistent monthly expense.
In addition to preserving cash, monthly payments are fully deductible for tax purposes, instead of
being limited to depreciation tables.

 Highest Level of Service

With the rental of a PADnet from Biomedix, customers receive Platinum service, the highest level of
service we offer. Platinum service includes:
• Free, one-on-one studio training
• Unlimited access to toll-free customer support
• Free software upgrades
• Free “bumper-to-bumper” warranty with repair service
• Free loaner devices if existing device needs repairs

Turn CapEx to OpEx

With the rental program, PADnet no longer has to be a capital investment that requires approval
from capital budget committees, or fall under what can be rapidly-shifting annual
capital expenditure budgets.
Free Up Cash
Renting a PADnet enables you to take on other projects that may require up-front cash outlays.

Align Equipment Revenue & Costs

With the rental program for your PADnet, you can start experiencing a positive ROI in the very
first month, rather than waiting for the equipment acquisition cost to be covered first. With a low
monthly rental payment, in most cases it requires only 3-4 monthly tests to break-even on the
rental program.


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* - Minimum 36-month commitment required for 3-month payment deferral. Terms and conditions subject
to credit approval.

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